Lab-scale Radial Flow Chromatography columns for virus clearance

The use of appropriate and compatible chromatography columns proves essential in the development of feasibility studies as well as virus validation. Micro columns prove to be an integral part in the development or scaling down of virus clearance studies. And so, making use of robust chromatography columns is critical in successfully carrying out operations in a laboratory environment that mimics larger radial processes as it not only guarantees for a quality output but is also cost-efficient as compared to full-scale columns.

Micro RFC columns for initial development of virus clearance studies

Proxcy’s Micro columns are tubular columns with the smallest possible volume that can successfully mimic larger radial processes. These small-scale columns are available for various bed heights ranging from 6 to 30 centimeters and different bed volumes varying from 5 to 25 milliliters which make them the perfect choice for initial development and feasibility studies, as well as virus validation.

The high-performance radial flow columns (HP-RFC) tend to thrive at short bed height adsorptive separations. They are mostly made use of in capture-elute application processes. Radial Flow Chromatography (RFC) is an efficient and low-pressure technology suitable for bio-molecule fractionations.

In this case, the Micro Column design imitates full Radial Flow Chromatography column performance with small scale column volumes. Just like the large scale RFC columns, the integrated packing port ensures an even and firm gel bed build-up. The Micro Columns have a maximum operating pressure of 3 Bar(g) and are designed to provide optimal performance.  Other frit porosities, such as 5μm – GP9 – GP15 – 40μm – 100μm – 200μm, are available upon request.


  • Great industrial functional abilities with a high tolerance for errors
  • Integrated packing port enables for an even and firm bed build-up
  • Ideal for initial development and feasibility studies