Inline ultrasonic food cutting machine

Cutting sticky products in the food sector is not always an easy process. Small scale producers that want to start automizing and speeding up their production process, without losing accuracy in cutting the products, an ultrasonic food cutting machine can help make the process more efficient.

Small capacity ultrasonic cutting of food products

The UFM3500 is a machine developed by Cheersonic that is able to cut food products such as cakes, marshmallows, pizza, pie or dough using ultrasonic technology that ensures very precise cutting. This ultrasonic cutter is composed of a transducer, a device that converts energy from one form to another, in this case ultrasounds in vibrations. The vibrating component plays a key role in the process, because it prevents the product from sticking to the blade. Despite having a small capacity, the only knife can slice circular and rectangular product with its two cutting modes, which can be easily chosen or adjusted with the touch screen control interface.

The product is placed in a conveyor belt and pushed forward by a bar. While the product is moving forward, the knife will cut it in slices. On the other hand, in rotation mode, the product is kept in position by two holding plates. In this case, the knife rotates and cuts the round product, for example a pie or a pizza, in triangular pieces. The machine can achieve a cutting speed up to 60 cuts per minute.


  • Reduction of food waste
  • To be integrated in a production line or used as a standalone machine
  • FDA certified
  • Infrared sensor protection device for the safety of operators