Industrial washing machine for fruits and vegetables

The effective fruit and vegetables’ initial preparation for production can be a tremendous task without the appropriate apparatus. And so, if you are searching for a solution that is capable of effectively removing the most stubborn of dirt particles from products in a timely manner, you can greatly benefit from this system.

High capacity fruits and vegetable washing machine

Washing machines are an essential part of the product preparation process, and so, the units from PIGO offer a great solution for businesses who are after an automated unit with high vegetable washing capacity that is easy and convenient to use.

The high-pressure blower which all PIGO washing machines are equipped with is attached to the nozzles together with a complex system of valves and filters that helps in the removal and clean-up of even the most stubborn dirt particles.

The construction of the unit is designed in a way that preserves the shape and quality during the washing process without damaging the original properties of delicate products like berries. Moreover, the structure design allows for easy maintenance and cleaning of the unit.


  • A high-pressure blower proves effective in the removal of dirt particles
  • An open design allowing for easy clean and maintenance
  • Sophisticated technology allowing for the processing of a range of different products