Industrial IQF freezer for fruits and vegetables

As people become more health aware, frozen fruits and vegetables have become a popular customer choice. Thus, high-quality freezing without the loss of shape, aroma, or nutrition proves to be a vital aspect of production, making this system a great option for keeping the original characteristics of the product regardless of whether 700kg of strawberries are needed to be frozen or 14,000kg green peas.

Energy-efficient nitrogen-free fruits and vegetable freezer

The Easy Freeze by Pigo is a suitable system for high-quality and rapid freezing of fruits and vegetables without ruining their physical and nutritional properties. The fully controllable process of fluidization maintains the product above the belt in a cushion of air. This results in the immediate freezing of the crust and the core of the individual pieces, regardless of their type, shape, or current condition.

With the powerful ASR (Automatic Snow Removal) technology, the unit can operate for a few days without lowering freezing efficiency, eliminating the need of any defreezing related maintenance between employee shifts. Moreover, the nitrogen-free technology guarantees for cost-efficient operations. The nitrogen-free technology can also help in the restoration of misshapen products which improves the final quality of the packs.


  • The powerful ASR (Automatic Snow Removal) system allows for continuous production for a few days without any drop in freezing efficiency
  • The internal video monitoring technology allows for real-time supervision of the operating conditions
  • Option for custom freezing possibilities
  • Open design allowing for direct all-round access for easy cleaning and maintenance

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