Industrial freeze-dryer for fruits

Freeze-drying is a complex and delicate process. If you are searching the market for a freeze-drying unit that conserves all physical and biological properties of products post-treatment, this system would be a suitable solution.

Automated three-stage EASY freeze dryer for fruits and vegetables

This EASY Freeze DRYER by Pigo is a world leader in high-quality lyophilization. PIGO have made use of their design and manufacturing experience to provide the market with a truly fantastic unit.

The processing structure of the EASY Freeze DRYER provides a turnkey solution to the entire lyophilization process of a wide variety of products, including fruit, berries, vegetables, meat, seafood, soup blocks, rice dishes and many more.

The three-stage lyophilization cycle guarantees for the treated product to retail its original form, volume, and original structure, as well as all physical, chemical, and biological properties. Depending on the model, the processing capacity ranges from 280-1400kg. EFD 350 being the smallest of units with a capacity of between 280-350kg while the EFD 1400 can process between 1200-1400kg of product.


  • The integrated dehydration technology allows for the preservation of delicate aromas while drying the frozen product
  • The final product will retain its form, volume, and original structure
  • A sophisticated yet autonomous three-stage lyophilization cycle