Hygienic Cartoning Machine For Pharma and Health Products

When packing single or multiple vials, ampoules or devices into boxes, gentle handling is required to prevent delicate glass materials from breaking. Robot supported infeed systems can be used for complex, highly automated processes to ensure full control, reliability and low rejection rates.

Smart and gentle product handling with a dedicated infeed system

The VENTO Cartoner, from Mpac, is a cartoning system for packaging pharmaceutical and healthcare products. The unit is made with durable and hygienic stainless steel materials and features fully automated operation. It is equipped with intuitive and user-friendly controls using Intelligent Machine Interface for quick changeovers – less than 10 minutes – and machine status information. The processes involved in the system include carton erecting, loading, transportation, and closing. It can also package products of different carton sizes and styles, with a dedicated infeed system that handles products in bags, stick packs, or pouches. With an open frame design, all system components are easy to reach for better accessibility during cleaning. The system is equipped with a servo motor coupled directly to the components for a longer operating life due to minimum wear, which also results in low operating costs.


  • Easy access to components for cleaning
  • Accommodates a wide range of carton sizes and types
  • 5-head rotary feeder for high-speed solutions
  • Automatic system adjustment for basic changeovers
  • Max output: 500 cartons/ min

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