Horizontal plate scavenger filters

Reliable and low maintenance filtration of fluids with high dirt load is essential to many industries. From energy production, to chemicals processing, to production of edible oils, product quality is often dependent on an efficient filtration process.

A filter cartridge with excellent cake stability and complete product recovery

Parker Twin Filter’s Horizontal plate scavenger filters use a series of horizontally positioned filter plates in a completely closed vertical tank. The plates contain a filter medium that is tailored to the application. As dirty fluid flows through the medium over the plates toward the tank outlet, solids are left behind in the medium forming filter cake which must be periodically removed. The filter systems can accommodate an 8 bar working pressure with fluid temperatures of 100 C.  Allowable pressure differential across the filter plates is 3.5 bars. The Scavenger line includes a final filter plate that is at the very bottom of the tank, filtering the small amount of fluid that may otherwise accumulate there. This makes the Scavengers especially suited for processing expensive fluids since there is very little waste. The filter units are designed for either batch or continuous filtration processes.


  • Standard flanged connections according to DIN or ANSI standards
  • Designed and inspected to many Pressure Vessel codes
  • Customization of construction materials, throughput, and filter medium are available
  • Excellent cake discharge and recovery make for easy cleaning and low maintenance

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