Homogenization and emulsifying system for fine foods

Texture and consistency are critical to foods with delicate compositions like dressings and fruit juices. But the base ingredients do not always mix into a homogenous recipe, especially in the case of emulsions such as mayonnaise.

Disperse the components uniformly into the mix

The Standard Production Plant (SPP) from IKA is a high-shear mixer for fine foods and beverages, including ketchup, plant-based cheese, and hummus. The system incorporates a two-stage unit that blends the ingredients and, secondly, disperses them homogeneously across the medium.

A rotor-stator solution achieves dispersion with a narrow particle size distribution, ensuring stable emulsions and suspensions with the longest possible shelf-life. Meanwhile, the dispersing chamber produces a vacuum to maintain a constant flow rate regardless of viscosity level.

The SPP is available in batch volumes from 25 to 4,000 liters and is equipped with spray nozzles for quick and easy clean-in-place without additional pumps.


  • Viscosity range from water to paste level (approx. 100 Pas)
  • No lump formation
  • Separated circulation loop (short/long)
  • Optional direct steam injection
  • Exchangeable dispersing tools