High-speed cut and wrap double twist machine

Many gums, chewy candies, toffees and caramel products are most suited to individual wrapping. A modern, all-in-one, high-speed forming and twist wrapping machine designed particularly for these product types will increase line efficiency and improve product quality thanks to gentle handling and advanced wrapping options.

High-performance forming and wrapping for gum and chewy candy

The WHD2 from Theegarten Pactec is a combined high-speed forming, cutting and wrapping machine for chewy products using a double twist wrap.

With a line speed of up to 1,800 pieces per minute, the WHD2 can be paired with either a batch roller and rope sizing machine for toffees and hard and soft caramels, or with an appropriate extruder and cooling tunnel for chewing gum, bubble-gum, and other chewy candy. The machine can produce square, rectangular or round pieces.

Thanks to its continuous motion operation, the WHD2 features gentle product handling, reducing wastage and increasing end-product quality.

The wrapping unit can utilise all common wrapping materials, and the “no product, no wrap” detection system reduces material wastage. The output of the machine features an automatic rejection system to eliminate spliced, misaligned or unwrapped products being sent downstream.

Full servo control means enhanced reliability and quieter operation than traditional control methods. The intuitive touchscreen HMI is easy to operate and means one operator can easily monitor and control several machines if required.


  • High-speed forming and wrapping up to 1,800 pieces per minute
  • Full servo control for reduced noise and decreased maintenance
  • Range of upstream and downstream options to suit a variety of products and lines
  • Automatic splicing means wrapping material changeover without stopping the machine
  • Designed to be highly accessible during operation, cleaning and maintenance reducing downtime