High-speed blister machine

If you are looking for a compact machine that produces blisters with an output of up to 700 blisters per minute and has a servo and auto-control features, this machine is quite a suitable match for your search.

Compact blistering solution with high packaging capacity

The Romaco Noack 900 Series Compact Blister Solutions is famous for its unique features and efficient blister production. It is equipped with features like servo and auto controls which ensures a precise execution independent of the operator.

These machines are equipped with a high-speed and high packaging capacity. They are capable of reaching an output range of 300 to 700 blisters per minute and have a weight of 3600 to 4500 kg depending on the configuration.

This High-speed blister machine has an automatic station and control system and interchangeable feed units. Servo-driven blister transfer station provides an easy and quick transfer.


  • High packaging capacity
  • Low lifecycle costs
  • Output of up to 300 to 700 blisters/min
  • Short cleaning times
  • Automatic station control system