High-level layer palletizer

A palletizer that meets the middle and high-level needs of modern bagging lines. Quite suitable for any type of bag closed either by sewing or heat sealing.

High-level layer palletizer with bag in-feed

The HPL SERIES from PT Chronos is designed for bag palletizing in layer formats from 3 to 10 bags per layer for euro, industrial or chemical pallets (others upon request). The High-level layer palletizer is suitable for valve bags and is independent of the kind of bag material.

The standard version modules of the HPL SERIES are equipped with a levelling and flattening device; roller conveyor with turning device; loading roller conveyor; pallet magazine for empty pallets; loaded pallet roller conveyor; operating and maintenance platform and a central control unit. Depending upon the required performance, the modular systems can reach outputs of approximately 2.800 bags per hour.


  • Easy-to-operate and maintain
  • Expandable to meet future requirements
  • Option for automatic placing of cover sheets on empty pallet or between layers
  • Substantial range of accessories available