High containment sampler

Drawing a sample for evaluation from a running process is not a simple task, especially when dealing with sensitive products. Sampling can break product containment and lead to issues with product quality as well as pose health hazards in the work environment.

Take samples from a running process without compromising containment

The ASAM Andocksysteme sampler is the first valve in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry capable of taking a sample from a running process under high containment requirements. The sampler consists of two parts each with one-half of a sphere. The active part of the sampler is firmly attached, with a pad-flange, to the process container from which sample is to be taken. The passive part of the sampler is equipped with a split valve with integrated bore hole and a container for the product sample. The sampler can also be connected to a glove box for evaluation. The containment values achievable are less than 0.01µg/m3.

The contamination-free sampler ASAM can be directly integrated to dryers, agitators, centrifuges, silos, product tubes and other process containers. The halves of the split valves with their specific PTFE seals make SIP and CIP applications possible by means of a special tool.


  • Ensure product quality by eliminating exposure to the environment
  • Maintain a safe work environment free from contamination
  • Transfer the sample safely to a glove box for evaluation
  • Easy to use with built-in safety
  • Effective cleaning with CIP