High capacity aerator for pumpable media

Fluid mixing is an important part of many industrial processes.  Thorough and consistent integration of the fluids is essential and the process must be tailored to the particular ingredients and desired output.  Mixing heads, input and output flow, temperature, and level of aeration all have a direct effect on the quality of the output mix and this equipment has the options needed to control them.

Accurately mix large volumes of a wide variety of liquids

The Uni-Mix from Hansa Mixer is a high-capacity aerator for pumpable media. It comes in two distinct variants, one for the food industry, and one for non-food industries. The machines are essentially the same as the food industry variant including design options for compliance with food industry standards and regulations. Uni-Mix from Hansa Mixer is a high-capacity mixing system for pumpable liquids designed for flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency.  Many options exist for the integration of unique mixing heads, flow sensors, cleaning systems, seals, control systems, and monitors.  The systems provide high production capacity precisely conforming to your recipe for a wide variety of input ingredients.  In this way, the production of large quantities of high-quality product formations is assured.



  • Variant designed to adhere to all hygienic standards for food processing equipment
  • Output capacities available from 650 to 5,000 Kg per hour depending on the particular model
  • Designed for optimized production including the use of 3 or more pumps
  • Wide range of optional integrated control systems and process sensors
  • Wide range of optional integrated specialized seals and mixing heads