Hand sanitizer capping machine

Bottled products such as hand sanitizers, shampoos, and liquid detergents, have different cap designs (screw caps, twist-off caps, and caps with hand pumps). For manufacturers of multiple products with different cap types, the format changeover can be time-consuming, increasing downtime and reducing the production speed.

Capping bottles with screw caps, snap-on caps, or push-pull caps

The Capping Machine from Rejves machinery is a versatile capping machine that can perform different capping formats like screw caps, snap-on, or push-pull caps. The system allows for the quick format changeover and is available in mechanical, hybrid, or electronic versions. Other features include a modular design for changes in the future of bottle and cap parts. The capping system can be arranged as linear or rotary. A notable feature to reduce cap waste is a bottle detection system that prevents the capping section from supplying caps if no bottle is detected. The machine can automatically hold production lines should there be any bottles jammed inside.

Production capacity can go as high as 750 bottles per minute depending on which capper is used along with other accessories that can increase its performance.


  • Can perform different capping configurations
  • Available as mechanical, hybrid, or electronic versions
  • High-capacity production up to 750 bottles per minute
  • Modular design can be integrated into a new or existing system
  • Cap changeover in 100 seconds

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