H2S scrubber for biogas

Raw biogas produced by digestion, for example during an anaerobic process is approximately 60% methane. If you need to upgrade your biogas in order to burn it safely then you first need to remove the hydrogen sulfide. Scrubbing upgrades it to biomethane. This can then be used as a substitute for natural gas.

A high-performance effective way to upgrade Biogas simply and efficiently

The Global Water & Energy’s SULFURIX™ tower washes raw biogas with aerated, sulfide-free wastewater. Sulfides in the biogas dissolve in the liquid and are absorbed by the biomass within the wastewater. The wash water flow rate is set to facilitate the dissolving of all H2S from the biogas, at the prevailing pH and temperature. Any biological treatment that takes place provides a factor of safety to ensure optimal scrubbing.

Typically about 80-95% sulfide removal is obtained with one H2S Scrubber for Biogas. However, putting two towers in series allows a second phase during which more than 99% cleansing is feasible. This is a unique solution well in advance of other options and offers an excellent blend of simple, efficient operation and high performance. Moreover, it does not require media replacement or chemical additives helping hold costs down.




  • Achieve high gas quality with deep hydrogen sulfide gas removal from biogas
  • Sulfur removal prevents corrosion leading to boiler and biogas engine failure
  • Corrosion-free construction materials encourage long desulfurization-unit life
  • Low operating costs because no absorbent materials or chemicals are used