Guillotine cutter for confectionery

Confectionery products such as marshmallows, licorice candies, and fudges come out of extrusion machines in the shape of rods or large sheets before being cut to the desired size. These confectionery products can have a variety of textures, some can even be very sticky making precision cutting difficult. A cutting machine with an option for an ultrasonic blade can help make an efficient cutting of these sticky products while maintaining the same production speed.

Precision cutting of extruded confectionery products with different textures

The Guillotine, from Mattoc, is a cutting system that can simultaneously cut multiple extruded confectionery products into a uniform size. A belt carries the products under the blade at a constant speed via feedback from the conveyor belt drive. Then the products are cut continuously as the blade advances. The system is available in 4 cutting widths (400, 800, 1200, and 1600mm) and is supplied with a stainless-steel static blade or ultrasonic cutting blades for sticky or fragile products. The machine is driven by a servomotor with a cutting speed of up to 350 cuts per minute for every 20mm cutting length. The cutting length of the product can be set from 5mm to 1m or longer depending on the system’s speed.


  • High cutting speeds (350 cuts per minute for a 20mm cutting length)
  • Optional ultrasonic blade for sticky products
  • Easy format changeover
  • Applicable for multiple extruded food products (marshmallows, licorice candies, fudges)