Grinding and drying of CaCO3

Widely used in the construction industry as filling materials, calcium carbonate is usually made from pulverized limestones. As a result, vibration and noise are typical issues during CaCO3 powder production processes, especially during grinding. Therefore, it is essential to have a classifier milling system to ensure low noise and low vibration while achieving the maximum particle fineness required in CaCO3 powder production.

Mill for fine grinding and drying of soft to medium-hard minerals

The Pendulum Mill PM by NEUMAN & ESSER is a roller mill used for fine grinding and drying soft to medium-hard materials such as clay, bentonite, limestone, and many other minerals. It is a robust and durable design of combined grinding, de-agglomeration, drying, and classifying system.

The mill consists of a sturdy cast, mill housing, and a rotor with a crosshead. The grinding roller travels on the rings, whose centrifugal action against the grinding ring reduces the minerals into finer sizes. Rotating shovels guide the particles from the mill bottom to the grinding zone. The air system then transports the ground particles to the classifier, where it rejects coarse particles and sends them back to the mill for further grinding. The speed of the classifier can be adjusted to meet the required particle size and distribution. Finally, a downstream collector receives the particles with the necessary final degree of fineness.

The Pendulum Mill PM can achieve narrow particle size distribution with an upper particle size ranging from 10 μm to 1,000 μm (1,250 to 18 mesh). The mill capacity ranges from 0.5 t/h to 150 t/h and can process up to 35% humidity material.


  • Constant product quality and superior particle size distribution
  • High energy efficiency
  • High utilization and minimal downtime

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