Frozen food automatic case packer

Adequately packaged frozen fries retain their original color, taste, and texture. And because frozen items like French fries are perishables, they need to be quickly packed and stored before they spoil. This is primarily why using a high speed frozen food automatic case packer can be effective and beneficial for mass production lines.

Quick, damage-free packaging for frozen French fries

The BluePrint Automation Cubemaster 300 offers a faster and more efficient solution to adequately pack frozen fries, utilizing all the box space and stacking the product vertically and horizontally. The Cubemaster 300 is a gravity case packer built for flexible frozen bag packing. It arranges the products on the belts, including a vibrating one that settles the bags before they are stacked on top of the other. They are then side-loaded into the carton packages with just the right speeds and precision, without damaging the fries inside.

Gravity packers don’t require a tool changeover as they function with handwheel adjustments. They pack different sizes of frozen fries and other frozen potato products such as service food bags or retail bags. They also rapidly yet delicately pack heavier frozen goods as well.

The Cubemaster 300 can be applied by manufacturers of other food products, for instance grated cheese.


  • Tight and gentle packing to reduce damage
  • Rapid changeover from vertical to horizontal in 3 minutes
  • Packs a variety of pack patterns
  • Built-in detection system that automatically detects open cases and missing bags