Food vacuum conveyor

Widely used in industries where a high rating in food quality is imperative.

Food vacuum conveyor transfers food material and maintains quality

The piFLOW®f from Piab is a basic conveyor but still the most cost efficient powder conveying concept for the food industry. It is purposely made of steel quality ASTM 304L and its design enhances the installation and utilization process.

Designed with a full-opening option, which allows to maximize the material throughput and increase the overall capacity of its system. The full opening gives an instant discharge, i.e. increased material throughput.

The applications of the Food vacuum conveyor are: food grade applications or powder and granules transfer or mill/sieve/mixer/blender filling or tablet/fragile transfer or big bag loading and unloading, not to mention the countless applications in explosive atmospheres.


  • ASTM 304
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • ATEX Dust certified
  • All seals in direct contact with the conveyed product are in compliance with FDA