Flexible laboratory bead mill for vaccines

For precise, efficient, and reproducible cell disruption, optimization of process parameters such as material selection, grinding media, and temperature control are important.

Employs ultra-fine grinding for cell disruption and extraction of ingredients

DYNO®-MILL MULTI LAB (ML) from WAB-GROUP® is an adaptable laboratory agitator bead mill, well-suited for small-scale productions and R&D in biotechnology. Suitable in continuous and discontinuous operations, the bead mill specifically designed for smaller applications can utilize ultra-fine grinding beads as small as 0.1mm. It has adjustable grinding chamber sizes, material selection, and adaptable grinding technology. It incorporates two grinding principles in one mill: the DYNO® agitator disc and the patented DYNO®-ACCELERATOR.

Discontinuous operation utilizes grinding vessels of 0.15 l and 0.3 l to handle low-viscosity suspensions. The batches range from 85 ml to 170 ml. Continuous operation is suitable for processing highly fluid to viscous, pumpable products.  It employs grinding containers of 0.15, 0.3, 0.6, and 1.4 l to process batch sizes exceeding 500 ml. Using superior ceramic components such as SiC and ZrO2 ensures no metal contamination and an extended service life.


  • Easy to disassemble and reconfigure
  • Ergonomic, GMP-compliant design, easy to clean
  • Assured long service life
  • Effective cooling prevents overheating

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