Flavouring system for healthy rice cakes and snacks

Being active on the market for healthy popped snacks asks for a flexible product line when it comes to marketability. A flavouring machine is a worthwhile addition, as such a machine is easy to add to an existing snack production line and it is a great way to diversify snacks in a healthy, non deep fried way, with a broad range of flavours.

Adding flavouring on a thin sprayed oil layer

The FLAVOURING FOR RICE CAKES AND SNACKS machine by Engi Technologies, is a machine that adds a desired flavour like rosemary, black pepper, chili pepper, basil or many more to rice cakes or popped chips without deep frying the products. Engi Technologies flavouring machine can be added to a rice cake or popped chips production line. After the desired snack is made in a machine and placed on the conveyor belt, it is transferred to a flavouring station.

The flavouring process is divided in two steps. In the first step, a vegetable oil is sprayed on the product through a rotating drum in a very thin layer. In the second step, the powdered flavouring is added through another rotating drum, where the vegetable oil makes the flavoured powder stick to the rice cake or snack.  The second drum is a vibrating doser with a hopper that holds the powder.


  • Suitable for a wide variety of popped snacks
  • Add-on to existing production lines
  • Easy to use

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