Filter pressure leaf

From chemical processing, to energy production, to edible oils production, product quality is often dependent on an efficient and reliable filtration process. High quality filter leaves are the key trouble-free high quality filtration results and these leaves have been known to reliably serve a wide variety of processes for up to 20 years at a time.

Robust, customizable filter leaves for maximum throughput and service life

Parker Twin Filter’s filter leaves are constructed of several layers of wire mesh. An inner coarse mesh provides structure and support while finer meshes are mounted on the outside according to the customer’s filtration media requirements. Leaf construction is either bolted or riveted. This arrangement allows for optimum flow of the filtrate for minimum pressure drop and a solidly constructed leaf that will serve for many years. Many options exist for filtration media construction materials allowing the leaves to be tailored to meet any customer requirement. Efficient cake release and chemical compatibility with the customer’s filtrate are also factors that these leaves are designed for.


  • Solid construction and long service life
  • Customizable to meet the needs of your filtration process
  • Synthetic leaves and filter medium are available
  • Optimized for drainage and flow of the filtrate for minimal pressure loss
  • Excellent discharge and drying of filter cake

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