Entry-level filler for large-volume parenterals

Large volume parenterals are unit-dose containers that are larger than 100ml and are terminally sterilized with heat. These parenterals typically contain injectable products specifically engineered for intravenous delivery applications. Thus, it’s important to use a filler that, along with meeting safety and hygiene standards, can also be adapted to different vial and bottle types.

Semi-automatically fills and seals infusion bags

Designed by Wick Machinery, BT1 is an entry-level filler that requires a manual in-feed of empty bags in the swivel arm. After removing the protection cap and pushing the start button, the arm will turn 90 degrees to fill the bag. Due to the machine’s simplicity, ease of use, and automatic crimping and filling, it’s the ideal option for people who want to start production lines. Operators will then have to manually supply the stopper, the aluminum hydroxide, and the next bag before starting the machine again.

The swivel arm will again turn by 90 degrees, sealing the first bag and filling the second bag at the same time. Moreover, this model boasts changeable format settings, making it suitable for a wide range of vials, infusion bottles, and bag systems.


  • Fills and crimps infusion bags automatically
  • Peristaltic pump is incredibly easy to clean and maintain
  • Ideal for 100-1000ml bottles and 10-100ml vials
  • Monochrome touch screen makes interface simple to use