Entry level capsule filler

For the production of pharmaceutical doses in capsule form complete accuracy of fill is paramount. To increase production efficiency and reduce costs this must be married effectively with high performance. This is a vital combination for lower volume production lines.

High performance capsule filler for lower volume production line

The Sejong Pharmatech F50 series is an entry-level capsule filling solution with cutting edge features that can enhance output by up to 26% and increase throughput speed by 12% compared to last generation machines, able to operate at 50,000 units per hour.

The F50’s index and cam drive power train also significantly reduces noise and vibration, increasing lifespan and reducing maintenance, and the whole unit is designed to allow for simple parts exchange where required. Advanced features include automatic capsule jam removal using high pressure air, without the requirement to disassemble the unit.

With a focus on accuracy, the F50 uses a 5 stage compression moulding system before filling to achieve the optimum results. Automatic weight control (AWC) function reduces fill variation to absolute minimum, and the system not only rejects capsules outside the variance limit, but also automatically reject any faulty capsule, for example due to imperfect closure or damaged capsule sleeve.

To suit your exact requirements, the F50 is able to handle a wide variety of dosages, including powders, pellets and tablets – allowing it to be used to fill combination capsules as well as single dose types.

The control system is fully 21CFR part 11 compliant, with graphical touchscreen control for ease of operation and monitoring of performance.


  • Entry level machine that boosts line efficiency
  • Powertrain designed for increased lifespan, reducing maintenance cost and downtime
  • Automatic jam removal means increased uptime
  • AWC systems allows for highest quality control standard
  • Can handle mixed dose type fills for maximum flexibility