Emulsifier for cosmetic creams

The process of making cream and lotion involves mixing of water phase and oil phase to create an emulsion. These two immiscible liquids require vigorous mixing action that reduces the particle size in the mixture to produce a stable cosmetic product.

Homogenizing system with three independent mixing elements for producing cosmetic emulsions

Turbo emulsifier from Lorenzato is a machine suitable for producing emulsions such as beauty creams and make-up products. This machine has stainless steel panels with a butter finish making it heat resistant and preventing emulsion stickiness. The Turbo emulsifier also has three independent mixing elements: turbine, anchor-shaped mixer with scrapers and coaxial contra-rotating anchor-shaped mixer. This helps to achieve high mixing power and rapid homogenization. It has an inspection probe that helps to control the temperature in the water-cooling process which is done at 0.5 bar max. pressure. The Turbo emulsifier features a cleaning system with spray balls. It can be of different tank capacities ranging from 10 L to 1000 L.


  • Vacuum pump with solenoid valve for feedwater control
  • Automatic lid opening
  • System operation with touchscreen
  • Lightning through LED light attached to the inspection window
  • Vacuum control through electro-pneumatic valve