Empty crate inspection system

Extensive and much-differentiated inspection of both the crate and the bottle that allows you to divert the crates to different conveyors and control the unpacking of bottles, for example, by a robot.

Monitor and sort empty crates to perfection

The Maxx Empty crate inspection system from Miho carries out a comprehensive and differentiated sorting for all incoming crates and sorts both crates and bottles and are sorted in accordance with the criteria set by the user.

The technical core piece of this very differentiated inspection system is the state of the art Miho Vario Optic System, whose components, namely a camera, mirror and lighting system, operate on a flexible basis and in coordination with the special object being inspected. This leads to a higher level of detection accuracy for the different crate and bottle features.


  • Differentiated sorting
  • Complete monitoring and protocols for quality of incoming empty bottles
  • Extensive network
  • User friendly
  • Extremely easy maintenance

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