Drum emptying system

Handling products from the pharmaceutical and chemical industries requires careful attention and extreme caution as some products may be toxic or sensitive to environmental exposure. To address these issues, an isolation system or sealed environment is necessary for loading and unloading products to and from the drums. This improves the safety of the facility and its operators.

Safe discharging of pharmaceutical and chemical products inside drums

The Drum Emptying system from Dec, is a solution for safe discharging of pharmaceutical and chemical products contained in drums during production. The Drum Containment System is equipped with a stainless-steel cylindrical glove box with a glass cover and two glove ports. The system can accommodate drums of various sizes with a wide range of accessories for applications based on required containment levels. The glove box enables the operator to connect the drum liners within a sealed environment before a powder transfer system moves the product through a suction lance. The system is easy to clean and available in different materials depending on the product application.



  • Accurate dosing using load cells
  • Can accommodate various drum sizes
  • Space-saving
  • Works in combination with PTS Powder Transfer System
  • Optimum visibility inside the drum (Drum lifting or tipping not required)

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