Drop tester for compacted powders

A key requirement for cosmetic compressed powder products is that they maintain their compaction during packaging, transport and in use. A modern, reliable, and easy-to-use drop testing system is the ideal way to test new formulations in the lab, as well as line sampling to ensure continued quality.

Table-top pneumatic drop tester for cosmetic compacts

The DP drop tester from Lorenzato has been designed specifically for testing in the cosmetics industry.

Its small form factor and low weight make it easy to install and relocate. Manual adjustment of drop height is quick and easy, and the height adjustment refers from 0 to 500mm. Powder pans, compacts and godets from 20mm to 120mm can be tested.

Pneumatic actuators operator by manual control ensures an accurate and repeatable drop. The unit requires a single 6 bar air pressure for operation.

As standard, the DP’s dropping surface is supplied as steel but can also be specified in marble to suit your test requirements.


  • Highly accurate, repeatable drop testing
  • Small form factor for simple installation and moving
  • Pneumatic actuators for precision dropping
  • Optional dropping surface to suit your requirements

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