Disposable monolithic columns

Chromatographic monolithic columns for working with large proteins, viruses, VLPs and pDNA require the high structural strength and contamination protection usually provided by expensive medical grade stainless steel.

Separate complex biomolecules using strong, versatile multi-use columns

CIMmultus™ disposable monolithic columns from BIA Separations have the structural integrity and leachable profile of medical grade stainless steel, but the process economics of a single or multi-use device.

With the introduction of composite materials into an epoxy-based housing and the application of USP Class VI Parylene C coating to the entire column surface, CIMmultus™ columns offer safety and high performance.

CIMmultus™ columns can be used at any step in the separation process and, with their 2 µm flow-through channels allowing convective mass transfer, make a perfect choice for the purification of viruses, VLPs, plasmids, antibodies, PEGylated proteins and other large biomolecules.


  • Economical as single or multi-use device (intra-batch or inter-batch use)
  • Reduced back pressure and minimal sample clogging
  • Fast product isolation and concentration of diluted samples
  • Efficient removal of high molecular mass impurities in polishing steps
  • cGMP Compliant