Disposable mixer bags for bioprocesses

Bioprocessors must use ingredients of known high quality and consistency.  Inconsistent or poor quality raw materials are often the cause of inefficient or failed processes.  Separation of mixtures of liquids with different densities or settling of liquids with suspended solids during storage or transport is often the cause of varying raw material quality and associated process issues.

A disposable vessel for liquids with an integrated, magnetically actuated, mixing pump for homogenizing contained liquids

JM BioConnect is known for certified top of industry quality and customer service including very short lead times.  The company’s Jetmixer single use mixing system consists of a reusable mixing machine with a motor and magnetic power coupling and a single use bags with integrated mixing pumps.  When the bags are placed in the mixing machine, the pumps are acted on  by the magnetic power coupling and rotation is induced inside the bag without the need to open it.  The pumps draw fluid in vertically from the center of the bag and expel it horizontally along the bottom.  This sets up a current that continually sweeps the entire volume of the bag and mixes all the contained fluid.


  • Increases product quality by ensuring homogenized raw material
  • Fluid is mixed directly in its disposable storage bag–no need to transfer to an intermediate mixing container
  • No need to open bag or otherwise expose contained fluid for transmission of power to agitator
  • System is readily scaled--works with 10L bags to 1.000L bags
  • Mixing machine is highly portable and easy to use (less than 1 minute set up time)

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