Disc dryer

When you are looking for a low-speed, indirect drying solution, a disc dryer can be a good option. Suitable for heating and cooling various types of products like filter cakes, powders, viscous materials and granules, it is often used for materials requiring very long residence times or sticky materials with back-mixing.

Indirect drying with high surface/volume ratios

The disc dryer from Hosokawa Micron is a low-speed, horizontal, indirect dryer. Using hot air or gas as a drying medium in combination with a heating jacket and heating rotor, which consists of special, heated discs within a cylindrical jacketed housing. It works by combining high heat transfer rates ranging from 85 to 300 W/m²K with high surface/volume ratios. Residence times range from minutes to several hours, making it more versatile than almost any other indirect heat exchanger available today.


  • Suitable for heating, drying, cooling, reacting, coating and/or de-agglomeration
  • Able to handle a variety of products such as wet powders, wet cakes, slurries and viscous materials
  • Suitable for batch or continuous operation, also under pressure or vacuum
  • Wide range of heat transfer coefficients, residence times and temperature profiles in one unit
  • Energy efficient with a thermal efficiency of 1.1 - 1.4 kg steam per kg evaporated water