Cosmetic powder pressing machine

For the medium and large-scale production of compressed powder cosmetics, a fully-automatic pressing solution is a must. Traditional solutions are energy-inefficient and inflexible. A modern, modular and low-energy pressing machine will reduce operating costs while maintaining maximum line efficiency and product quality.

Automatic pressing machine for compacted cosmetic powders

The LR 190 from Lorenzato is a fully automatic pressing machine for the production of eye shadows, blushers, or face powders in compacts.

Designed to operate as part of a modern “Smart Factory”, the LR 190 has an innovative modular design with an emphasis on energy saving. The brushless motors and electronic control systems mean that the LR 190 consumes only 5kW of electrical power.

The core unit houses the powder storage hopper, the pan loading and unloading systems, and the press. Additional modules may then be added to suit your exact requirements.

Additional modules include an automated pick and place, conveyor belting, and robotic handling. Also available is automatic hopper filling and mould cleaning, allowing for a completely automated production system if required.

Carefully designed quick-release powder hopper means that cleaning between product changes is rapid, reducing downtime.

The entire unit is operated via an intuitive touchscreen control panel for simplified operation.


  • Energy-saving design reduces operating costs
  • Modular design - add modules as needed to complement existing lines
  • Rapid cleaning ensures reduced downtime for changeover
  • Robust stainless construction and reliable brushless motors for longevity