Continuous, automatic coating machine for peanuts

If you are in the peanut processing industry, bringing out delicious varieties for your customers can help you increase sales as well as cater to the growing demand for diversity and tastes. Coating peanuts involves adding various spices to the batter, to give flavor to the peanuts and to make them crispy. There is a need for a technology that guarantees uniformity and efficiency while coating your product.

Uniform and efficient coating of nuts

Kuipers’ coating machine has an innovative design to enable automatic and continuous coating for peanuts. It is a stand-alone unit that can process up to 300 kg of coated peanuts per hour depending on the type of coating you require. It can be either incorporated into your existing process line or combined with one of Kuipers’ nut frying lines. For a bigger scale production, various units can be combined into one line.

The continuous automatic coating machine for peanuts is unique as it presents a continuous and automatic coating design allowing gradual addition of the coating substance in nine steps. The peanuts are collected and fed into compartments, one by one via its dosing system. The machine passes the peanuts through nine chambers while gradually adding the coating mix. Each compartment has an individual water spray and powder supply with adjustable intervals which combined form the coating on the peanut. The machine uses a rotating motion instead of sliding to ensure all sides of the product are covered uniformly. The coated nuts are then passed to the fryer via a dosing elevator.


  • The only automatic and continuous coater on the market
  • A finer, more even coating for a perfect taste and look
  • Flexible, stand-alone unit