Compact flexible cooker for confectionery products

In confectionery production flexibility can be the key to increased efficiency and improved return on investment. For lower-output manufacturers producing a range of confectionery products, operating dedicated cookers for both jelly products and hard candies is inefficient. A modern, highly energy efficient cooker that can handle both product types and changeover with ease is a boon for production lines of 100kg per hour or less.

Cost-effective cooking system for low to medium confectionery production

Smaller-scale production environments can benefit hugely from the Baker Perkins Turbofilm cooker. As well as offering a high quality, low energy use cooking system for jelly products, the Turbofilm can also easily switch to single-stage cooking for a range of hard candies. This flexibility combined with low running costs makes Turbofilm a highly attractive solution for production lines from 100kg per hour up to 1000kg per hour.

For cooking jellies, Turbofilm can process a wide range of products including pectin jelly, gelatine jelly and starch jelly. At the start of the process is a plate pack heat exchanger. This dissolves the sugar and hydrates the starch. The product syrup then moves to a jet cooker which takes the flow of candy and subject it to a rapid drop in pressure. This reduces the moisture content to the required recipe level using the minimum energy whilst giving excellent results.

In hard candy operation mode, Turbofilm can handle sugar and sugar-free hard candy syrups. The plate pack heat exchanger dissolves sugar in water creating the syrup, which is then cooked atmospherically, using a flash vessel to reduce the moisture content to the appropriate level. For smaller production volumes this system is more cost effective than larger scale options such as the Baker Perkins Microfilm cooker.

Changeover between product types has been made simple and quick. Because Turbofilm combines dissolving and cooking systems in one compact unit, cleaning is simple and maintenance is kept to a minimum, with all product contacting parts in 316 stainless. For integrating with existing lines the Turbofilm controls can be integrated with upstream or downstream systems, or operated in standalone mode.


  • Low energy, high quality cooking for a range of jellies
  • Simple to install and use, easily integrates with existing equipment
  • Flexibility to switch to hard candy output with easy changeover
  • More cost effective solution for production lines of 1000kg per hour or under

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