Compact & pumpable food media mixer

The process of mixing ingredients for confectionery products like marshmallows and meringues involves a series of steps. The mass is aerated, whipped, and precisely dosed to produce a final mixture that matches the manufacturer’s demands. Combining and automating these process steps in one mixing system allows for greater precision and quality control.

Continuous aeration, whipping, and mixing of confectionery and bakery ingredients

The Compact Mix, from Hansa Mixer, is a precise mixing system for food industry applications. The design features a solid stainless steel frame and can be equipped with up to 3 eccentric screw pumps inside. Mechanical components are easily accessible with removable sheet metal plates. The unit has a dynamic stainless steel mixing head available in different configurations depending on product application and operates at a continuous electrically-controlled RPM adjustment with a digital display. The mixing head also features non-contacting HANSA shaft seal-gas as a sealing material to prevent the medium from leaking into sealed parts during maintenance.

Gas metering can be done manually using the needle valve or automatically through a controller regulating the gas volume according to product flow. Exact injection of additives can be done through the mixing head or by direct feed using additional dosing pumps.. The compact unit combines all-round fluid mixing capabilities, including foam generation, in a small footprint.


  • High output from 50 – 400 kg/hr to 300 – 2000 kg/h
  • Precise dosing through the SPS control system
  • Mixing head available in different configurations depending on product application
  • Compact dimensions (2,000mm L x 810mm W x 1,700mm H)
  • CIP cleaning

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