Centrifugal disc filter

The pharmaceutical and bioprocess industries need filtration processes of particularly high quality to ensure containment of potentially hazardous substances and avoid product contamination. Experienced biopharmaceutical manufacturers know that equipment designed for general industry use often falls short of the tight quality and hygienic standards of our industry and that producers who embrace high quality pharmaceutical grade equipment will have an advantage over competitors.

A pharmaceutical grade filter system that ensures maximum separation and complete control of filter cake discharge

The Funda filter system from Mavag is centrifugal filter with features that make it particularly well suited to the pharmaceutical and bioprocess industries. The units are well known and have been used in a wide variety to applications all over the world. Mavag AG’s smaller scale and focus on their tradition of Swiss craftsmanship ensuring the impeccable product quality that customers need. The filtration system includes a vessel and a rotating element that forces a liquid to leave its suspended solid particles embedded in the several filter plates it is exposed to as it is forced through the vessel. These features allow for very thorough washing of the filter cake and complete removal of solvent from the filter cake in a completely enclosed process step. Cake can either be discharged as a solid or as slurry depending on the customers’ needs. In either case, the filters can be operated in a continuous or batch type production process. This makes the units extremely valuable to process that require excellent containment and avoidance of cross contamination as are commonly found in the pharmaceutical and bioprocess industries.


  • A completely enclosed filtration process
  • Units available with from 9 to 90 individual filter plates available
  • Included inspection ports
  • Discharge of filter cake in solid or slurry form
  • Fill capacities available from 190 L to 6000 L