Cake ultrasonic cutter

Some cake items you may wish to cut can feature substantial amounts of cream. But that cream could smear and squeeze out of a cake during the cutting process while generating a lot of waste. Proper cutting accuracy is necessary for producing quality cream-based cakes without causing the cream to spill or spread.

Precision and hygienic cutting of creamy cakes using ultrasonic vibrations

The transversal ultrasonic cutter from TT Italy uses vibrating blades that cut your cake through quickly and precisely, preventing it from any damage or imperfections.
The cutter uses ultrasonic waves at a higher frequency than other traditional waves. The vibrations produced by these waves will create a frictionless cutting surface. The design also prevents waste, as the cake material is trimmed safely and effectively.


  • You can program the cutter to trim in various sizes
  • The double-blade system produces an even and precise cut each time
  • Operates for extended time periods
  • Suitable for difficult to handle, cream-filled products
  • Supports transversal and linear cuts based on the blades applied

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