Benchtop weight sorter for tablets & capsules

For laboratory pharmaceutical R&D work or use in clinical trials, a high-accuracy small-scale benchtop weight sorter is the perfect solution. However, small size should not limit flexibility, and a benchtop machine able to handle a full range of tablet and capsules saves cost and improves efficiency.

Fully flexible and high accuracy weight sorter scaled for the lab

The SADE SP-B40 from CI Precision is a highly accurate, easy to operate and fully flexible solid dosage weight sorter for use in laboratory environments. Designed to be very easy to operate, product is simply loaded into the bowl feeder and then automatically weight-sorted to an accuracy of +/- 1mg. The unit can also be configured to offer accuracy of +/-0.5mg for situations that require even more precision. Like the other members of the SADE family, the SP-B40 can handle tablet sizes up to 20mm x 24mm, and capsules from 5 through to 00 size (larger sizes may be accommodated).

Offering even more flexibility and value, as well as weight sorting the machine can be quickly and easily configured into quantity sorting mode. This makes it perfect for filling bottles or other containers with the exact number of doses required every time – particularly useful in clinical trial situations. The unit records all operations and can send reports direct to a printer or via a PC interface.

As well as saving time by eliminating the need for manual sorting and operating at up to 75 units per minute, the SP-B40 is also quick and easy to clean down, and its GMP design means all contact surfaces are either stainless steel or PEEK.


  • Easily and automatically sort by weight or number within a compact benchtop footprint
  • Save time with sorting rate of up to 75 units per minute
  • GMP design with quick and easy cleaning, all contact components stainless steel or PEEK
  • Highly accurate CI Precision balance
  • Extreme accuracy up to +/- 0.5mg for even more precision
  • Option of a hopper for larger batches