Belt dryer for wood

Processing of wood and biomass into pellets or other volume reduced products requires careful and consistent moisture level control. This is a line of drying conveyors specifically designed for precisely controlled biomass drying.

A fabric belt dryer for Biomass

Amandus Kahl’s Fabric belt dryers use a closely knit plastic fabric belt to both transport a layer of product and allow hot air to pass through it for drying. The fabric belt also acts as an exhaust air filter to ensure limited dust loading as dust particles are trapped in the belt as the air is drawn through it. The dryers are particularly efficient, requiring inlet air temperatures of less than 120 C making them particularly well suited to make use of waste heat from other processes. The dryers operate automatically and relevant process parameters are monitored to ensure optimum and efficient drying.  To ensure a consistent and uniform final moisture content of the dried product even as the input raw materials vary in distribution of moisture content, a product supply system is included which evenly distributes material across the belt and turns it over during the drying process.


  • Each individual unit is designed to meet the needs of the particular application including product, desired throughput, and available heat source
  • Fabric belts available in 4000mm and 6000 mm widths
  • Optimal widths for efficient drying are 11 M to 45 M
  • Modular system designed to be easily configured to a wide variety of plants
  • Designed and built for ease of maintenance