Batch processing system for emulsions and suspensions

Emulsions enhance foods with a creamy mouthfeel and richer flavors. But the immiscible nature of oil-and-water mixtures makes it challenging to maintain consistency in textures and taste across batches.

Versatile, powerful, and reliable

The ProxxD® high-shear emulsifier from ProXES guarantees reproducibility batch after batch. The built-in proprietary automation system hands full control over the shear energy input and other critical parameters.

Droplet distribution impacts emulsion stability and the sensory profile of the final product. FrymaKoruma specializes in droplet size control and is the world market leader in emulsion-based food processing systems.  Its technology solution disperses fine droplets with precision to create superior-quality foods and extend their shelf-life.

The ProxxD® is a highly versatile system that is easily adaptable to match your exact processing needs. Besides emulsification, the ProxxD® performs a range of food processing functions, including dosing & weighing, mixing, and vacuum deaerating.

The integrated unit has been redesigned with a small footprint but large capacities, reaching up to 5,000 kg/hour depending on the product recipe.


  • Low energy consumption (e.g. 500 l unit on average 5 kWh/t)
  • High production capacity with space-saving design (e.g. 500 l unit up to 6 t/h of full fat mayonnaise)
  • High product quality thanks to proven FrymaKoruma MaxxD technology
  • High system versatility with tailored CIP concepts
  • Guaranteed reproducibility from batch to batch