Bag-in-box filler

If you want to a complete packaging solution having box erecting, bag placing and box closing technologies, you should consider the smart automated bag in box filler.

A complete packaging solution for your product

The CaseBagger combines NIVERPLAST bag inserting and bag closing technologies in one compact machine. Feeding in your product carriers, prefabricated bags and your product, it provides you with your packed product ready to be transported. This can be done with a maximum speed up to 6 boxes per minute. It can handle a wide range of product carriers and dimensions.

The CaseBagger places a bag, fills it with your product, optionally applies a vacuum to protect your product and closes the bag. These four main functions are placed circular in the machine.


  • Up to 6 boxes per minute
  • Apply vacuum on your product
  • Suited for wide variety of product carriers and dimensions
  • Continuous operation and easy to operate
  • Operates stand-alone as well as in any automatic production line

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