Automatic pastry dough sheeter

Industrial dough sheeters turn raw dough into sheets that match recipe thickness. This includes making layered dough for croissants and other pastries. The product doubles over several times in the process, at which point the folding angle must match the specifications of the product.

A continuous dough sheeter for puff pastries

The Trivi TRI-3 dough sheeter folds dough the number of times the recipe requires. This produces layered dough sheet for longer-lasting croissants, filled puff pastry, and strudel, as well as other products such as pot pies and sausage rolls. The machine incorporates a fat extruder for adding butter / vegetable margarine layers to the product as desired.

This dough sheeter adapts to meet customer recipes at industrial scale. It converts pre-moulded dough blocks into a state suitable for direct feeding into product moulding machines. Using the extruder does not require adjustments to settings.


  • Rolls and folds product at industrial scale for large bakeries
  • Use number two angles when doubling over and folding product
  • Incorporates a grease extruder introducing butter / margarine layers
  • Delivers continuous dough sheeting suitable for process automation

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