Automatic forming and sealing blister machine for packing syringes

Controlling contamination is on every manufacturer’s mind when packaging items, such as syringes. When medical items are produced, packaging needs to have protective factors to exclude contamination of pharmaceutical products.

Flexible forming with vacuum for blister packaging

The Uniline by Tommy Nielsen is a fully automatic blister packing machine that both forms and seals. The machine forms blisters from roll stock. Forming can either be done positively with vacuum, negative with vacuum and compressed air or vacuum with plug assist. After the forming process, blisters are automatically cut and placed in sealed trays. Pre-printed and pre-cut cards are loaded into magazines from where these cards are automatically placed on top of the filled blister and sealed. The heating of the foil (PVC, PET, or PS) is obtained using thermostatic control.

The machine uses the whole width of the foil, which eliminates waste. The standard length of the lading section is 1500 mm. The maximum forming and sealing area is 200 x 400 mm or 200 x 600. The machine offers a variety of forming programs, and the blister length can be easily varied.


  • Easy access for mold changes
  • Fast change over, thanks to torsion locks holding sealing trays
  • Capacity of up to 3,000 pack per hour