Automatic filling machine for sauce

Traditional sauce filling units can struggle to maintain a high quality of output in case of increased demand as they would become more hygienically difficult to maintain. In such scenarios, having a modern sauce filling solution for a range of different liquids, pastes, and products with solid particles that can meet the demand with ease proves to be an integral part of your arsenal.

Automated sauce filling system with 6 volumetric pistons

The DPA 6500 by Dosimaq is the largest of the DPA models due to its dual-rail conveyor belt that allows for the sauce to be dispensed into the containers on one line, while the other line prepares the new set of containers such as bottles, jars, and cans.

Equipped with 6 volumetric pistons with adjustable columns ranging from 50cc to 500cc and 4-meter conveyor belt with widths ranging from 200 mm to 500 mm, the  DPA 6500 unit can reach a production rate of up to 9,000 packs per hour.

Furthermore, the conveyor belt assisting the high output of products is 40% hollow, allowing for easy maintenance and cleaning. This is possible due to the automatic cleaning and sterilization system that enables the cleaning of all the internal components in contact with the product, leaving the machine ready for the next production and without contamination risks.

Moreover, with the help of the 380 V 50Hz power supply, the unit is fully autonomous, requiring no human intervention during operation. 


  • Dual-rail conveyor belt for increased output
  • 6 adjustable volumetric pistons with columns ranging between 50 to 500cc
  • Fully autonomous operation, requiring no human intervention