Contact freezer

Frozen food manufacturers may require pre-freezing processes as part of their production steps before conveying their products to the freezer. One such application is for meat products where part of the product surface is frozen to improve handling and to minimize sticking and drip loss. Products like fruit pulps also require surface freezing before cutting.

Partial surface freezing of food products for easy handling and preparation

The Contact Freezer from Orange Freezing is a surface contact freezing system that can be used for a preliminary freezing process or as a single solution for preparing food products. The system is equipped with a refrigerated plate and a Teflon belt that runs over it. The products are conveyed on the belt until they get a stable frozen crust on the contact surface. This method allows minimal drip loss and reduces dwell time in the final freezing process. The unit is also equipped with adjustable feet for quick installation and easy relocation. The material construction of the equipment is stainless steel, which meets the highest hygiene standards.


  • High yield (minimal drip loss)
  • Improved material handling
  • Reduces dwell time in the final freezing process
  • Hygienic unit, made of stainless steel
  • Can be custom-made according to customer’s specifications
  • CIP belt cleaning system design

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