Automatic capsule filler for liquid solutions

Use of liquid filled hard capsules is increasingly popular with today’s pharmaceutical manufacturers.  Bioavailability and patient compliance are enhanced with drugs delivered in this form.  Production of these liquid filled capsules requires equipment that can handle a wide variety of liquids including lipids and waxes, and automatically produce consistent sealed capsules as well as efficiency and high machine up-time to ensure profitability.

Automatically fill and seal hard capsules with any pharmaceutical liquid

Fluidocap F40 is a fully automatic machine for filling hard pharmaceutical capsules with liquid an sealing them.  It is provided by ACGE-Associated Capsules a world leader in pharmaceutical machinery manufacturing. Traditionally liquid doses have been provided in soft gel-cap form and have presented drug makers with the common problems of high cost, wastage, cross contamination, migration of the drug into the capsule, and low bioavailability.

The Fluidocap range of machines address these issues by allowing the filling and sealing of hard capsules with liquid compounds rather that relying on soft gelcaps.  The hard capsules can be filled with a wide range of formulations including lipid-based products, high viscosity pastes, and wax type products. They are sealed with a gelatin band. The capsule filler for liquid is designed for high volume production use and can produce up to 40,000 capsules per hour. Combinations filling including pellets in liquid is also possible using special attachments.


  • Provide pharmaceutical doses in liquid form while avoiding the common issues with soft-gel capsules
  • Fill hard capsules with a wide variety of liquids including lipids, waxes, and high viscosity pastes
  • Automatic sealing of hard capsules using a gelatin band
  • Production scale equipment designed for maximum efficiency
  • Enhanced appearance and bio-availability improve patient compliance and results

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