Automatic butter wrapping machine

Do you pack your butter wraps in aluminium foil, parchment paper or ecoline solutions? And do you require rectangular, stick or semi-round portions with bottom folds?

Fill form and pack your butter wraps efficiently inline.

The ARM product range from FASA for filling and wrapping paste-type products like butter, margarine, spreads, edible fats and curd offers flexibility to shift between portion weight by simply adjusting the brick height. Product feeding is possible with a hopper and augers or directly from the production line. Product input temperature is controlled for different product types i.e., butter 10 to 14 °C and margarine 8 to 14°C. The stainless-steel design is durable and in line with CE regulations.

The wrapper is equipped with a stationary foil roll spindle and a belt driven foil broaching shaft. A foil centering device with photocell ensures precise alignment and positioning of the foil or wrapping material over the paste-type products. The two sensors control the foil roll width and track the end of the roll.

A PLC automates and controls the entire sequence of operations in the product filling and wrapping process. The HMI touch screen panel assists in user-friendly operational control. The machine has a fully automatic lubrication system to reduce friction between moving parts and prevent overheating due to continuous operation. If required, printers like Ink-jet, Thermo-printer or Cold emboss coding units can be integrated.

This machine can package products in various sizes, from 50-100 g and 100-250 g, with a capacity of up to 70 packs/min. Three additional machine versions can package products in sizes of 10-25 g at 80 packs/min; 200-500 g at 40 packs/min; and 500-1000 g (1-2 lb) at up to 20 packs/min capacity.  The base ARM model has a production history of over five decades, providing proven reliable packaging with more than 8300 models delivered worldwide.


  • Suitable for a wide variety of paste-like products
  • Flexible selection of both portion weight and brick shape
  • Accurate volumetric dosing to avoid leakage
  • Proven reliability
  • CIP cleanable design