Autoclave for doypack pouches

The self-standing Doypack and other similar pouch products are a very popular method of packaging liquids such as soups and sauces. Traditional sterilization techniques can be harsh on these products, meaning that a longer, gentler cycle has to be used. This reduces efficiency and can reduce product quality from optimum. An autoclave solution that’s purpose-designed for flatter, liquid-filled containers can reduce process times and energy consumption and improve product quality.

Oscillating steam-water spray retorts for liquid-filled pouches

The Autovap Oscillation from DFT Technology is a steam-water spray retort that has been designed specifically for liquid-filled pouches such as Doypacks and food service bags.

Unlike traditional systems, the Autovap Oscillation introduces gentle oscillations of 15 degrees from vertical 6 to 10 times per minute to the cycle, selectable to match the product type and package geometry.

The oscillations cause the air pocket in the containers to move to the highest point with each move, forcing convection within the product. This improves heat transfer and can shorten heating and cooling times by up to 40%.

Shorter cycle times mean reduced cooking damage, improved nutritional value, and better texture, taste and appearance.

The Autovap uses standard cages or stackable trays and can be matched with a range of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic loading and unloading systems.


  • Quicker heat transfer compared to static autoclaves
  • Reduce cycle times by up to 40% with oscillation technology
  • Gentler heat treatment increases product quality
  • Purpose built for liquid pouches, Doypacks, food service bags
  • Economic alternative to full rotation autoclaves

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