Aseptic automatic vial washing machine

The production of the latest high value pharmaceuticals often requires aseptic handling of all aspects of the production system. Traditionally, external decontamination of vials in aseptic conditions was time-consuming and inefficient. A modern aseptic vial washing machine with robotic transport brings huge savings in both cost and time as large volumes of vials can be decontaminated to the highest standards in isolated conditions.

High volume robotic vial decontamination for aseptic applications

The Steriline EDM-RHP External Decontamination Machine has been engineered specifically for the high pressure washing of pharmaceutical vials in aseptic conditions.

A maximum of 10 vials are washed simultaneously to ensure optimum results, with all vial transport being carried out by a high performance SCARA Denso robot. Optional extras include detergent/inactivation agent washing cycle.

The intuitive HMI touch screen allows for complete control over all cycle parameters to adapt to different vial sizes. The EDM-RHP is able to decontaminate vials from 2R up to 500ml.

The small form factor and easy access service panels mean maintenance is quick and easy, keeping downtime to a minimum. The EDM-RHP is able to operate with throughputs of up to 6,000 pcs/h, perfect for campaign production of high value products that require aseptic handling.


  • Fully cGMP, GAMP and 21CFR Part11 compliant
  • 6,000 pcs/h washed in aseptic conditions
  • Small footprint with easy access allows for speedy maintenance
  • Able to handle a wide range of vial sizes to suit all requirements

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