API containment isolator

Contamination is a major concern in powder handling, not least when processing pharmaceutical products and toxic materials. Highly potent APIs, in particular, require accurate dosing and safe containment throughout the transfer system.

Isolator system for API with high containment capability

IsoPharm from Dec Group is a small-scale weighing and dispensing system for processes involving highly potent APIs. The isolator has a single chamber design with a containment capacity of up to < 1 μg/m3.

The unit includes an entry/exit airlock and a hinge open front access door. Besides offering closed-loop control and glove breach protection, it can be configured with 2, 3 or 4 gloveports. The system features internal radius corners and has a 0.6 Ra/<22 Ra internal finish while noise levels run at circa 65dBa.


  • Cost-effective containment system
  • Safe weighing and dispensing of highly potent APIs
  • High containment (< 1 μg/m3)
  • Hazardous area compliance
  • Provides operator safety